sabato 18 ottobre 2014
​It has not been easy for many  to get used to the idea that a nun has won the TV talent show “The Voice”. For others, on the other hand, she has been a breath of fresh air. For everybody she is a complete novelty. Something to discuss, even at great length. Imagine what will happen when, from tomorrow, the public hears sister Cristina Scuccia on the radio singing her version of the controversial popstar Madonna’s hit “Like a Virgin”.
And, as this wasn’t enough, the song has been chosen to be the track to be released as a kind of calling card from her debut album, out in November all over the world. It will include versions of well known numbers, a couple of songs from the Christian music scene, two unreleased songs and the piece by Madonna.
Inevitably one finds oneself asking questions, such as: where did the idea come from? What is she trying to do? Does she realize that she may cause a storm? Not to talk about endless jokes and disapproval on social networks. About all this Sister Cristina has decided to talk exclusively to Avvenire, turning down requests for interviews from media all over the world in what is her first real interview. You can read it, in its entirety, in the edition out in newsagents today.Who prompted her to sing “Like a Virgin” by Madonna? “I chose it. With no intention to provoke or scandalize. Reading the text, without being influenced by previous interpretations, you discover that it is a song about the power of love to renew people. To rescue them from their past. And this is the way that I wanted to interpret it. For this reason we have transformed this song from the pop-dance piece which it was, into a romantic ballad, a bit like the ones by Amos Lee. Something more similar to a lay prayer, than to a pop piece”. Sister Cristina talks to Avvenire about her world debut (“I still don’t fully realize what is happening … I am 26. I am young. But I know I have a big responsibility. I have to give witness and I am happy to do it. Because I am excited to have met Christ and I would like everybody else to do the same”), about how her success at The Voice has upset her life so much that she has sometimes regretted participating in the talent show (“I feel the almost morbid curiosity of the media as a weight on my back”) and also about her insecurity (“If I listened to a part of me, I would hide myself”).The interview gives a new, unprecedented insight into Sister Cristina and adds depth to the image she projects on television. Some will be surprised that she has not earned anything from the victory at The Voice, and she will not become rich even if she were to sell millions of copies of her album (“I made a vow of poverty: we will use all the money earned in the congregation’s projects”). 
She says of Pope Francis “He is the best answer to whoever thinks that I shouldn’t sing on television”. And, talking about this, she unveils a dream (which you will find in the complete interview).
Traduzione a cura di Silvia Guzzetti
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